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Although this was our first project that required an architect, we believe Pinard Architects provided us textbook architectural services from start to finish. Here are the significant features of how Marc handled our job: -Although we interviewed four architects, Marc was the only one who provided us a detailed written bid within days after meeting with us. More importantly, Marc was the only one who listened to what we wanted and probed us with questions about how we use our house on a daily basis and how we wanted to use it in the future. -The most significant component of our project was a substantial kitchen demolition and reconstruction. Marc provided us with five design alternatives, all of which included a unique solution that never would have occurred to us and that enabled us to open up our dining room into our kitchen for maximum space. His solution helped transform two discreet rooms in a Philadelphia rowhouse into a single large, wide-open cooking, entertaining, and dining area. -Marc was always prompt and responsive to our many large and small questions as he prepared his drawings, and continued to assist us as our project progressed. In addition to the five design alternatives he provided us, he suggested and interviewed a number of potential contractors on our behalf, and continued to provide us intelligent conceptual and practical advice along the way throughout our project. Marc was always prepared, careful and thorough, yet efficient. He visited our project as needed as demolition and construction progressed, but remained conscious of helping us conserve costs. He was always willing to help with whatever assistance we requested, but did not push his services or time.   (residential architectLeads website Ratings and Reviews, May 2007.)